M/WBE Certification
Opportunities for businesses which are owned by women and minorities.


LBE Certification
Opportunities for businesses in economically-deprived areas.


EBE Certification
Opportunities for socially and economically-disadvantaged business owners.


Recruitment Services
Find the right candidates for your business.


Financing Assistance - Loans & Grants
Free help to understand and apply for small business financing, including federal funding.


Virtual Compliance Consultation
Free one-on-one virtual compliance consultations to help businesses understand key city rules for the NYC Open Restaurants Program.


Commercial Lease Assistance
Get free legal assistance to help you with your commercial lease issues.


Compliance Consultation Request
Free one-on-one Compliance Consultation Requests to help businesses understand key City rules for opening or operating business in the city of New York.


Connect with a Small Business Advocate
Small Business Advocates guide business owners through government licensing, permitting, and other regulatory issues.


Apply for a Customized Training Grant
Apply for a grant to help your business train and retain your employees.


FastTrac Business Education Program
A series of free entrepreneurship courses offered for aspiring and established entrepreneurs.


Bond Readiness Program
12-session program to help prepare a construction company’s financials, operations, and project management processes.


BPREP Risk Assessment and Grant Program
Apply for a free risk assessment and receive a grant to protect your business.